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Chris is a dynamic leader who has spent the last 16 years working in information technology and healthcare for Fortune 500 companies, as well as, not-for-profit organizations. Chris earned a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration Informatics and is a Florida Board Certified Registered Nurse. Chris has a distinctive blend of experience as a leader in healthcare, technology, and operations environments. His experience solving critical issues by streamlining processes, developing technology solutions, and improving operations is leveraged by a natural talent and passion for cultural transformation. As a servant leader Chris is devoted to serving those around him; a good day for Chris is when he has had the opportunity to sow into others’ lives and see them realize their goals and dreams.

Personal Attributes and Interests

  • Chris is married to his best friend and has twin daughters.
  • He believes that great leaders surround themselves with great people, knowing that lots of people can manage but only a select few have that ability to create a passion that leads people and organizations toward greatness.
  • Chris is dedicated to caring for those whose lives are disrupted due to illness, his personal experience as father to two special needs children makes Chris especially sensitive to the needs of families dealing with the special needs of a child.
  • He says, “It is my genuine desire to inspire others by sharing my life experiences, both failures and successes”.
  • If I Live to Be 100, by Neenah Ellis, is his favorite book because, he said, “It forces you to evaluate your priorities and question what is really important to you”.

Brand Statement

Chris is always there providing stability and direction to those he leads. He operates each day with a keen sense of awareness and an eagerness to sow into others; with a genuine desire to see them reach their fullest potential.

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Chris Walden
Husband, Father, IT Director

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Bill Rieger
Husband, Father, CIO

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