Great Leadership Does Not Happen Haphazardly

We have probably all started, inherited, or established leadership teams. This is a time of excitement and of anxiety as leaders feel out each other’s styles and quirks. It is helpful in these times to have a method for how you start to establish the leadership foundation in which you will all stand. Below I […]

The Gap

Some “first” times are awesome. The first time you rode a bike, the first time you kissed a girl (or guy), your first date, your first interview, your first office, your first child, the list goes on. Of course some first time’s are not so awesome. Your first hospitalization, your first friend to pass away, […]

Desired Outcomes

“I would not loan you a dime!” he exclaimed. Your behavior is unacceptable and I am surprised you even have the audacity to come in the bank in the first place. You are in the situation you are in because you failed to take responsibility for your actions. You will just have to figure another […]

Relationships Are Difficult

Relationships are difficult. I am sure that is not the first time you have heard that statement. I will even go as far as to say that if you are reading this post and you have been out of bed for more than 2 hours you have encountered one of those difficult relationship moments. I […]