Live Like You Believe

Do you live like you believe? It is kind of a trick question because there is only one possible answer, yes, you do, we all do. You may not even at times live the way you want, but you always live the way you believe. Does your company or department or team function like you […]

How Are You, Again?

In last week’s post (here) we addressed a common question, how are you? In that post I referenced redundant instruments on an airplane. We discussed why more than one instrument can help guide a pilot if they are experiencing spacial disorientation.  The instruments tell the pilot how they are flying versus how they might feel […]

How Are You?

Some of you have reached out to both Chris and I through email and social media about our recent post. Chris and I have been writing together on this blog for over four years and it has been a labor of love. While Chris is moving on from cultureinfusion I am going to try and […]


The word foundation has many roots, one of which is the greek word θεμέλια (themélia) where we get the word theme. These are general statements coming here so don’t take them as gospel but generally speaking, if you want to be an actress you go to LA, if you want to be a technologist you […]