Do You Know Your True North?

About a year ago I attended a great workshop for leaders. The workshop was lead by a retired Naval officer who was now serving as a Captain for a city fire department. The workshop was small and just the right size to get to know the other leaders in attendance. The output of this course […]

Best Place To Work

Do you know where the best place to work is? Out of all the places you have worked, which was the best? Maybe you are there right now. If asked why it was or is the best, you might have a difficult time articulating a response. Some things would be tangible like pay and time […]

Never Lose Hope

I watched to a short video the other day of a man who seven years ago was on food stamps and had a job delivering pizzas as he tried to provide for a family of six. He did not go into how he had come to be in that desperate place instead his message was […]

Growing Pains

When I was a small child I used to get the worst pains in my legs. I remember that ache and how I would moan to my parents. My memories make it seem like this went on for years and that I had multiple visits to the emergency room. My mom tells me that I […]