How A Roadtrip Can Influence Us As Leaders

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination”. – Drake

The Power of the Written Word

Tonight I am having my class write a short paper that they will read in front of their classmates. I gave each of them 4 questions to choose from. The questions are not important, but what is important is how they respond both in written and oral format. Writing is intimidating for a lot of […]

Desired Outcomes

“I would not loan you a dime!” he exclaimed. Your behavior is unacceptable and I am surprised you even have the audacity to come in the bank in the first place. You are in the situation you are in because you failed to take responsibility for your actions. You will just have to figure another […]

Never Lose Hope

I watched to a short video the other day of a man who seven years ago was on food stamps and had a job delivering pizzas as he tried to provide for a family of six. He did not go into how he had come to be in that desperate place instead his message was […]