Discontentment is Not a Dirty Word

Do you often have a feeling of discontentment? Does success in your life get you excited only to  find yourself analyzing how you could have achieved more? I recall my plan when I was in college. I laid it out well, I knew what classes I had to take, how long each semester was, and […]

Ready, Set, Change NOW!

Have you ever thought about what it would take to completely change your life? I am not talking about changing your present circumstances for a temporary period of time, like taking a vacation or buying a new car. What I am mean is COMPLETELY change your life from the inside out. Even if you have […]

Haphazard Leadership: Part 2

Three weeks back we talked about the fact that great leadership is intentional. In our post titled Great Leadership Does Not Happen Haphazardly I walked you through how to create a solid foundation that you and your leadership team could stand upon. If you did not read that post go back and do so first […]

Do You Know Your True North?

About a year ago I attended a great workshop for leaders. The workshop was lead by a retired Naval officer who was now serving as a Captain for a city fire department. The workshop was small and just the right size to get to know the other leaders in attendance. The output of this course […]