Bill Rieger

Professional Bio
Bill currently serves as Chief Information Officer at a hospital in Florida. Bill’s preferred title is leader; leader of people, leader of ideas, leader of family, leader in critical times when tough decisions need to be made. Bill has the ability to build a team around him, invest in them both personally and professionally, and create efficiencies resulting in extraordinary productivity. Bill believes very strongly in empowering people and he helps them find and use their most valuable talents. Bill is a communicator. Whether communicating with board members or analysts, he ensures that all stakeholders are clear on goals and directions. Finally, Bill is a relationship builder. This is an area in which Bill is particularly interested. He focusses on relationships where he can have a positive impact on people lives.
These characteristics have brought a lot of value to organizations Bill has been involved with throughout his career. He has obtained favorable outcomes in several enterprise level projects requiring masterful execution in the areas of leadership, team building, communication, and relationship building. Bill is currently leading a healthcare organization through the transformation of a new electronic health records system. He has built a leadership team around him that is defined by the phrase, “Iron sharpens Iron.” He holds those around him accountable as he challenges them to do the same for him and others.

Brand Statement
Bill is a trusted servant leader who takes personal interest in those around him. He has accepted the responsibility that comes with leadership and fully believes that he will get everything he wants out of life by helping those around him get everything they want out of life!