About Us

The idea of Culture Infusion was born out of the hearts of two guys who had experienced some pretty hard knocks in life. Personally we had made some really bad choices and our lives were a reflection of those bad choices.  Although in completely different parts of the United States we had both trudged similar roads. We have spent the last 15 – 20 years trying to learn to live differently. What we have found over these past years are that not only did our personal lives change by being intentional about the choices we made; our professional lives changed too. That is where the culture piece comes in. Culture exists whether you are intentional about it or not.

Our personal lives are part of our culture, the culture of our family, our friendships, and our church. There is no way to separate your personal culture from your professional culture if you want to be authentic and happy. We have each worked at companies where the culture was in direct contradiction with who we were as individuals. Needless to say that leads to discontentment. What we found was that most of the time the leaders of these organizations had no focus on the company culture. In fact, they were really disconnected from the people they lead. That is when we decided that we wanted to lead organizations and really be intentional about creating a culture that people could thrive in. Why should this be important to leaders? Simple; Culture leads to engagement, engagement leads to performance, and performance leads to results.

We hope you will find our blog informative and engaging. We strive to share real life experiences not text book theories. Our goal is to be transparent, vulnerable, honest and encouraging to everyone out there striving to build a better culture for their organizations.