Every other week I sit down to write a post on leadership. I try to convey to you guys something I have learned about leadership or about being intentional about the culture you want to develop in your organization. Sometimes the words just fly onto screen while other times it is a struggle to come up with a topic. I try to pull from real life stories in hope my experiences will inspire or challenge readers. This is one of those weeks where the words, well they just do not want to come. My brain is tired and my tank is almost on E. Looking back over the last few weeks we have had several issues at work, my family life has been extra busy, and my exercise routine has been thrown off by the holiday season. All those things directly link to my ability to write this post. You might be thinking (if you are even still reading) well this post is a real downer and if so my sincere apologies. That is not my intent. My intent is to keep a theme going that Bill and I founded Cultureinfusion on and that theme is transparency.

Even leaders feel uninspired at times. Even the greatest of leaders need to recharge. Character building comes in how we as leaders listen to that need to refuel. I cannot just drop what I am responsible for. I cannot stop leading and give into my feelings. I have to follow through and then retreat to my place of refuge. I can only do that after trusting those I have placed in charge who are just as competent as I to keep the train on the tracks.

I love football. It is not just a game to me, but a model for how great teams should work together and how great leaders should motivate their players. Nick Saban who is the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team made this statement at halftime during one of their late season pivotal games. Saban said, “I tell my players to remember what they WANT and to not play like they FEEL.” You see, by the end of a long season these young men are tired, bruised and some are even injured. If the guys play according to those feelings, they will not achieve what they want which is to win the National Title. It is really no different for a leader. We get tired, we get frustrated, we make mistakes, we get stressed and if we act on those feelings we will not achieve our desired outcome. We are called daily to lead with the endgame in mind. When I get so caught up in the small things I am unable to carry the ball down field toward the goal.

I write this to remind myself. It is OK to admit that I am not always an inspired leader. If I have been doing my job well, sowing into others, then I can lean on them during this time. Year end brings with it great joy, deep reflection and hope for a New Year. I am taking some time off this Christmas season acknowledging my need to recharge. From Bill and I here at Cultreinfusion we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.


Matthew 11:28

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  1. Victor Munoz | Reply

    I appreciate the honesty Chris. It’s tough to demonstrate vulnerability when you feel responsible to be the ultimate leader. But you said best, if you’ve led them well, you should be able to lean on them in your time of need. Have an awesome Christmas.

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