Would you quit your job if you won the lottery, even if you loved your current position? According to an article on glassdoor.com, this is one of the top ten questions a CEO would ask if they were interviewing you. The CEO would ask this question to find out of you are following your dream or if you are just in it for the money. Its a fair question for an interview, and one that would require quick thinking because it has many implications. The answer for me is yes, I would quit my job. It’s not that I don’t love what I do and where I do it and the industry in which I do it, it is just that I have a secret dream of starting a software company that tries to solve a huge problem in the healthcare industry. There are many barriers for me achieving that secret dream that require a blog post of their own, and money is one of them, unfortunately it is not the biggest one. There is a principle here that comes to mind about how money is tied to the heart. The question is really asking do you love your work more than you love money. There is a measurement for this question, a way to find out where your heart is, that measurement is generosity.

You and I as individuals have three things in life that we absolutely have 100% control of, something no one can alter, adjust, or mess with, unless we let them. We have time, 24 hours in a day that are ours. We have talents, we are all uniquely gifted with many abilities. Finally we have our treasures, or money, our income, our bank accounts, our inheritance, whatever it is you use to live on, it is our treasure. To measure where our heart is, we simply look at our calendar and see how we spend our time, look at our work and see how we spend our talents, and look at our bank book to see how we spend our treasure. In a sense this is a three legged stool. We need to use our gifts to work for eight hours so we can have treasure to live on. If one of the legs gets out of balance it will impact the others. If, lets say, you did win the lottery, what would you do with the other legs of the stool, how would you spend your time and talents? The real measure here is found in the stool before you win the lottery. Whatever you are doing with the resources you have right now, largely expresses what is important to you.

As a leader, I want to know the answer to this question for every member of my team. Why? Because there is nothing I want more at work than for everyone on my team and in my sphere of influence to be living out their dream. People who are living out their dream are so motivated and inspired, it is contagious. There is one way we have tried to get to the heart of individuals on the team. We are using the generosity principle and have started a charity of the month program. A small team has been formed to try and find a local charity that we can support either financially, with some supplies, or with some elbow grease. Have you ever had a packing party at work where you packed backpacks full of food for community shelters or bought Christmas gifts for families in need? Remember how you felt doing that? Awesome right? Together as one, united for a cause. That is exactly how you feel when you are working in unison with your heart. We try and repeat that every month and will continue to do so until everyone has had exposure to different things that might touch their heart. Who knows what doors will open for specific individuals on the team. If you have an opportunity to engage all three legs of the stool with everyone on the team, you will experience something completely different on your team. Your organization will be unstoppable because you are engaging something without limit, the human spirit. It doesn’t take much, find a charity, put a box out, and ask people to contribute. You will be amazed at how generosity can change your workplace.


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