For the last 7 weeks we have been on a crowdsourcing compilation journey. What a ride! The concept was to socialize how we define the six stages of leadership.

Each week we broke down one phase of the Milk to Maturity road. We focused on a description of the phase, characteristics of a budding leader in that phase, what to look out for as an up and coming leader in this phase, and finally how to work with someone in this phase. We solicited weekly feedback which impacted how we proceeded with the next week’s post. Thank you to everyone who contributed, your voices are important in making this project meaningful.

The purpose of Milk to Maturity is not to write another leadership book. In fact, if you go out to Amazon and search on leadership books you will find that you receive well over 100,000 hits. So clearly the world does not need another leadership book; our passion for working with you to write this book is driven out of conviction.  Here at Cultureinfusion we are driven by the desire to infuse character into the business culture. So many times in business (and the world) we are driven by selfish desires: the desire to get ahead, the desire to look smarter, the desire to be seen as better than the next guy. Milk to Maturity was born out of an honest desire to share our experiences where things worked out and where they did not work out, in order to benefit others. This guide is not meant to be prescriptive and provide all the answers rather it is meant to evoke thought and to provide a framework for discussions with up and coming leaders.

If you have personal examples of where you are in the six phases above or perhaps where you were in these phases we would love to hear them.  If you leave your contact information we will reach out to you about including these examples as part of the book. We hope that you will continue to provide us feedback either by leaving a comment below or sending an email to We are encouraged to follow our hearts, remain humble and diligent, and develop as lifetime learners through this process.




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