Have you ever thought of writing a book? What is stopping you? Chances are if you have thought about it you have an idea of what the book would be about. Over the years many experts have said that everyone should write a book. The concept behind that statement is that everyone has a story either about their own personal life or one made up about a dream life. If you have that desire, be encouraged to follow your dream, all you have to do is put pen to paper and get started. Perhaps you have never had the desire to write your own book, but you have thought about how you could inspire others to write better books. What if I told you the opportunity to inspire and influence the outcome of a book is available to you right now?

For those of you who have been supporting Cultureinfusion over the last 1.5 years, we offer a sincere THANK YOU! We started this blog with the simple mission of infusing character into the business culture. As a leader, your character counts most, and that is what we have been describing in various ways through our posts. The time has come to step it up a notch, Cultureinfusion is stepping out and tackling a great life goal, to write a book. In our last post we wrote about Milk To Maturity. Milk To Maturity is a book concept we came up with over a year ago. We did a little bit of work on it, then shelved it. The time is right to begin work on it again and actually complete it. We believe strongly in this concept and believe it will be a valuable tool for up and coming leaders, as well as seasoned leaders. This is where we would like to offer you the opportunity to influence a book. Over the next several weeks, we are going to lay out our road from Milk To Maturity as a leader; what the characteristics are at each stage of leadership and how to guide and grow a leader through this process. As each week unfolds, we ask for your participation by providing candid feedback about the particular stage. Don’t be shy, this will be your chance to actively participate in a crowdsourcing compilation and editing project.

On the road from Milk To Maturity, there are seven stages:

  1. Milk

  2. Milk & Mush

  3. Bread & Bananas

  4. Pizza & Spaghetti

  5. MEAT!

  6. Meat & Potatoes

  7. Surf & Turf

In each of the posts, we will cover key concepts and behaviors associated with each phase of leadership and ways more mature leaders can guide budding leaders through the growth process. We are very excited and very nervous to get going on this. Neither of us have embarked on anything like this before but with your help, ideas, and accountability, we believe this crowdsourcing compilation and editing project will be a huge success. Let’s take a test run. Either reply to us on Twitter using @c_infusion and #imonboard or reply to this post to let us know if we can count on your creative feedback! Once again, thank you for your support. We look forward to walking out this journey together.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  ― Maya Angelou


  1. Jason trites | Reply

    Good luck! Having had to write documentation in my professional life and research papers in college, it can seem to be a daunting task at first. Write a page daily at least and keep a notepad by the bedside for those insane middle of the night brainstorms.

    I, too, am toying with putting together my own blog on speech recognition from the trenches to help other analysts in the same field as me.

  2. Chris Walden | Reply
    Chris Walden

    Jason go for it! You have a lot to offer “from the trenches” and I know your blog would be useful to so many folks.

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