choicesCould it really be that easy? Could success in life be boiled down to your mental attitude as you approach your next decision? Golf is a great sport with many real life analogies. Much to my utter joy, our fourteen year old son has started playing and has shown some promise with his swing. We were out playing a few weeks ago in preparation for his first local junior golf tournament. The one concept I reminded him over and over, “The most important shot of the round is the next one you will take.” He did pretty good that day and did really well the day of the tournament. He said that keeping the focal point on the next shot being the most important gave him a mental edge.

I thought about this heading to work Monday morning. Could my day be a good one by putting together a few good decisions in a row? I watched a football game that night and saw a perfect pass to a receiver cutting across the middle. The ball bounced off the numbers on his jersey and fell to the ground. He was visibly upset but quickly ran to the huddle for the next play. He look at the quarterback and got the call like nothing bad just happened. They were so intensely targeted on what was in front of them that they didn’t even acknowledge what had just happened. On Tuesday, I sat down and redefined success for myself.

Darren Hardy nailed it in his book, The Compound Effect. A string of small, smart decisions can provide such a positive mental edge. When the mistakes come, and they will, you can move on and focus on the next decision.

How as a leader can you apply this to your team? Keep them engaged with what is in front of them. Break their work down into a series of small smart choices they can make and document the progress. In four weeks you can show them in a team gathering that they are getting things done and are being successful. A culture that breeds success will gain positive forward momentum by consistently making those small smart decisions.

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