If you weren’t any good at your job, who would tell you? Hopefully, your immediate supervisor would, right? If you weren’t any good at life, who would tell you? That message would both be difficult to deliver and to hear. If life is challenging for you, wouldn’t you know it? What does that even mean anyway? Marriage, parenting, social life, whatever your life is made of. How many people have a life supervisor who could tell them straight up that you are not meeting specific key performance indicators (KPI’s) in your life and you need to step it up. Not many people have this in their life, but they probably should and it is easier than it sounds.

Success in life is defined differently for everyone. One of the keys to success is to define what it means for you. Many interesting studies and conversations have been had with people nearing the end of their life. They talk about accomplishments and things achieved along the way but what they cherish the most, or in some cases, are regretful about the most are relationships. When people say they aren’t any good at life, for the most part they are saying they aren’t any good at relationships.

If you were to start a business, one of the things you would do is research how to measure the success of your business. Number of clients, number of sales, number of repeat sales etc.; these are just a few examples of KPI’s to help you gauge how successful your business is. If it’s not measurable and repeatable, it doesn’t count as the saying goes. You might have a business mentor who reviews these KPI’s with you and provides feedback. If you would put all this effort to managing your business why wouldn’t you put at least the same effort into managing relationships?

What would be some KPI’s for relationships in your life? Here are a few examples I use as an early forties dad married for 16 years:

Amount of time with kids: x hours per week or month

Date night with spouse: x times per month

Time spent with parents: x hours per week or month

Time spent with employees at work: x hours per week

Time spent with supervisor and peers at work: x hours per week

There are many others, the point is getting into action and mapping out a way to track these indicators. One of the themes in these KPI’s is time. At the end of your life, you will realize that you don’t get it back and the most important  memories you have will not be how you spent your money, rather how you spent your time.

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