There is a friend of mine who seemingly is never satisfied with his job.  A few years ago we talked about what would be his dream job and dream location.  “If I had that job and lived there, I would be set,” he said.  Here we are five years later and he has that job and lives in that location and we are again talking about going through a job change. I am not judging this guy, I have done this myself.  This is consistent with the idea that we are all searching for something, we are all going through life trying to find something or someone.  I like to think of this as the search for our destiny.  Through a series of dramatic events recently I have been focussing on this and learning how to find my destiny and help others find theirs.  The answer lies where passion and ability intersect!

Have you ever heard of the magic quadrant?  Gartner is a research organization that has developed this matrix that consists of a square with four squares inside of it.  There is a characteristic along the X axis of this square and a characteristic along the Y axis. The “magic” quadrant is the square in the upper right hand corner where the best of the X axis and the best of the Y axis intersect.  For example, if a software or service has low cost and great performance it would be in the magic quadrant.  People use this research tool to assist them in making purchases for the products and services they are looking for.

I believe there is a magic quadrant for your life. Draw the square and then four squares within the square.  Write the word passion along the bottom and write the word abilities (skills or gifts would work here too) on the left side.  You might see where I am going here.  In the “magic” quadrant write the word, in big bold letters, DESTINY!  There is something that happens in that quadrant that you were uniquely created for, no one else can do it, and if you do not do it, it will be left undone and no one will ever be able to experience what you were uniquely created for.

How do we find our passions and abilities?  Where do we go to look for them?  This is the more difficult part, but if you put your mind to it you can find out what they are. Others can help you, but be careful who you allow to help with this.  Everyone is on this journey but most are not actively looking at their skills and passion.  They are still seeking outside of themselves, going from job to job, relationship to relationship. If you ask them, they might have a hard time even describing what they are looking for.  You do not have to continue this cycle if you find yourself there.  A good book that helped me with this is called The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  Darren takes you through some exercises to help you identify your passion and abilities. There are many other resources, the trick is to go beyond looking for resources, just pick one and take the action.  Once you have even an idea of what your passions and abilities are and where they intersect, work like crazy to put yourself in a position that takes advantage of both.

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