Relationship Thing


How far do you carry this relationship thing? I mean, at what point does a focus on relationship jeopardize the organization? Could it be that you value a relationship so much that you can make organizational decisions around that relationship? As you consider these questions many scenarios might come to mind where the answer could […]

Entering the Toxic Zone


There are three categories of stress; Positive stress, Tolerable stress and Toxic stress. Some examples of positive stress are adjusting to a new work schedule or sitting in traffic worried you might be late for an appointment. It is positive stress because it is short lived. Tolerable stress refers to a physiological state that could […]



As a leader in an environment, people are always watching you. As we have said many times before, you may not be leading a team or an organization quite yet but, you are always leading yourself, and people are watching. Chris wrote a great piece earlier this summer about your true north, or your moral […]

Building Trust, How Hard Can It Be?


The basic underlying trait that every great leader has is the ability to instill trust between themselves and those they lead. It really does not matter how masterful a leader is in the art of communication or how experienced you are in your field, if people do not trust you then you will have no […]