Roll The Dice


Ever play Yahtzee? There is something about that game that I really like. It is a game where you roll five dice and try and get combinations of pairs or three of a kind or four of a kind etc. The first one to get all of the prescribed combinations wins. Actually I really like […]

Influential Leader


Over the last several weeks you have read my experiences, revelations, and internal struggles around life’s major tradeoffs, finding our identity, and facing our fears.  This week I want to go a bit deeper and share with you how a single event can change a person’s perception of themselves in a split second.  What is […]

The Hills Of Life


At the end of our road stands a large steep hill. Last summer when our family moved into this area the hill was green and lush with a sprinkling of wild flowers. As time passed and fall came the farmers began to harvest the hay off the hill and soon the green turned to a […]

The Value Keel


Chris’s post last week (here) really inspired me. Your identity, how you see yourself, is a critical component to success in life bodily, mentally, spiritually, financially, and relationally. Your view of yourself significantly impacts your value as an employee, spouse, parent, or friend. I was at a conference last week that featured Peyton Manning as […]