Pizza & Spaghetti: The Authority Challenge


This phase of leadership development is perhaps the most challenging for a mentor. This is where a lot remains left on the table and where too many people get stuck.The Pizza and Spaghetti phase represents a hungry team lead or supervisor on a significant growth track but this person still has a huge lesson to […]

Fruits and Veggies


Wow! Can you believe it? This is already the third installment of the crowdsource book Milk to Maturity. In the last post the effort was launched to describe the road a leader must travel as they progress to milk and cereal. This series started with the pure milk phase which reflected on an individual’s selfish […]

Milk And Cereal


The second installment on the road from milk to maturity brings small progression but before the details of that are released, just a quick reminder about what is happening here. In the last post we launched our efforts to describe the road a leader must travel as they progress from milk to maturity. The pure […]

Milk To Maturity: Pure Milk Phase


Milk To Maturity: Installment 1 – Pure Milk The first phase in leadership is the pure milk phase. Think of how we all come into this world. The first thing we are introduced to for nutrients is milk. For the purposes of this discussion and for simplicity sakes, let’s categorize formula here with milk. Milk […]