Be Original


You are not original! Inspite of the title of this blog post, you are not original, nor would I encourage you to try and be original. There is nothing new under the sun, you have probably heard that before. In the natural world, that is true. Scientists may not have discovered every species of plant […]



Two weeks ago I had to travel for work. Unlike many folks I know who travel week in and week out, my job requires only occasional travel. It just so happened on this week my daughters were in a play as part of their summer camp. When I explained to my 7 year old that […]

Its Your Fault


Its 4:00 in the morning (not really, but it feels like it right now), this blog post was due last Wednesday (really! Sorry Chris.) I have so many excuses right now but none of them are important. I just asked my nine year old daughter who was to blame for all the problems in our […]

Rationalization: Gift or Curse


Does a magician believe his own magic? Is there a point in time where he practices a trick so many times that in the end he himself believes it to be true?  I have never thought of myself as magician but I will have to admit there is something magical about being able rationalize anything; […]