Haphazard Leadership: Part 2


Three weeks back we talked about the fact that great leadership is intentional. In our post titled Great Leadership Does Not Happen Haphazardly I walked you through how to create a solid foundation that you and your leadership team could stand upon. If you did not read that post go back and do so first […]

Emotional Culture


In some respects I will be happy to get out of the teenage years of parenting but in other ways I will really miss them. There is both a teenage boy and girl in my home and one pre-teen girl. Emotions can run rampant from laughing to crying to angry and yelling; all of that […]

Culture In Crisis


Well, we survived! Hurricane Matthew came racing through here last week. He didn’t race at high speed but it felt like everything was just speeding by. We have all read about the impact of hurricanes but until you live through one, there is no description that can compare. Matthew gave us a side swipe. If […]

Great Leadership Does Not Happen Haphazardly


We have probably all started, inherited, or established leadership teams. This is a time of excitement and of anxiety as leaders feel out each other’s styles and quirks. It is helpful in these times to have a method for how you start to establish the leadership foundation in which you will all stand. Below I […]