What is Your Behavior Saying About You?

We have all heard that body language conveys more about what we are really saying then our words. Have you ever tried that with your dog? Not to be demeaning but if you charge at your dog with an aggressive move while saying something positive to him he will be confused and will either retreat […]

Safe Culture

We live in a world seemingly obsessed with safety. In some sense this is good. When I think about the airline industry, healthcare, automobile manufacturing, I would hope that they are obsessed with safety. The safety I am talking about relates more to personal safety. When I was a kid, we would do crazy things […]

Ready, Set, Change NOW!

Have you ever thought about what it would take to completely change your life? I am not talking about changing your present circumstances for a temporary period of time, like taking a vacation or buying a new car. What I am mean is COMPLETELY change your life from the inside out. Even if you have […]

Learning Culture

I am in the middle of what I call rapid learning mode. This happens to me from time to time. There is a certain field of study I have been interested in for many years now and I have been exposed to some new concepts that I am diggin in to. When I am in […]