Discontentment is Not a Dirty Word

Do you often have a feeling of discontentment? Does success in your life get you excited only to  find yourself analyzing how you could have achieved more? I recall my plan when I was in college. I laid it out well, I knew what classes I had to take, how long each semester was, and […]


If you are anything like me you might have overdone it in the eating department during the holidays. I did “OK” but definitely ate more sweets than normal. I was thinking about this the other day, I have not felt physical hunger for a while now. Do you remember the last time you felt physical […]

Life in the Rear View Mirror

Last year on 1/1/16 my family and I started a gratitude jar. It was my wife’s idea. She is always trying to coming up with clever ways to create stronger family bonds and to get us to reflect on the good in our lives. We get so busy living that we often forget those little […]

Let Down

It’s right after Christmas and if you’re honest you’d have to admit that you’re a little let down. Either what you got wasn’t what you were expecting or what you gave didn’t get the response you were looking for. Maybe you got it right and gave the perfect gift and the response blew you away […]